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31st-Dec-2009 12:50 am
Stealing this from Callie, because she's cool like that and won't mind.

My goal is to watch 100 new movies and read 100 new books this year, because I always end up watching the same movies and reading the same books.

EDIT: I kind of failed at this. Especially with the books, XD. But, I got over 3/4ths of the way through movies! I'm surprised I watched that many at all =P.

This list is going to be funny, because I like pretty much all the movies I watch, XD.
1. 1/1 The Curious Case of Benjamin Button - Awesome movie. It would've made me cry if I'd been alone, and it had a wonderful message/theme. I'm really glad it was the first movie I saw this year.
2. ? The Children's Hour - An older movie with Audrey Hepburn and Shirley Maclaine, about how like, their lives are ruined because this horrible little girl accuses them of being lesbians. It was so, so sad D=, but I really loved it.
3. 1/14 Trainspotting - Man, this movie was good! I wasn't quite sure what kind of movie to expect, but it was hilarious, haha. Ewan McGregor as a heroin addict? I'm in! And the ending made me happy. I thought perhaps it was going to be like Requiem for a Dream, but it wasn't really, at all. It was a trip, though! Which makes sense. I love movies.
4. 1/16 Seven Pounds - Uh, Callie and I sort of missed the beginning, but I still thought it was very good nonetheless. SO SAD. If I was alone, and perhaps if I'd seen the beginning, I totally would've been sobbing at the end. I love Will Smith. I also appreciated the Great Dane in the movie.
5. 1/16 The Reader - I actually liked this more than I was expecting to. I enjoy Ralph Fiennes a lot. But yes, good movie, also sad, etc. I think the sex scenes were a little excessive, though. Every two minutes, really? Other than that, I liked it. I like all the freaking movies I see, XD.
6. 1/17 A Cinderella Story - Okay, I really did not want to add this to my list. Because it sucked that bad. Wow. It was just... I guess I was complaining that I like all the movies I see, XD. Um, I only watched this movie because I couldn't find the remote and I was on the computer anyways. I think the redeeming factor of this movie was Chad Michael Murray, because he's hot. Seriously, I thought this was going to end an hour earlier than it did. I sort of wish it had. But uh, yeah, this was exactly what I was expecting this movie to be. Please do not watch this movie unless you want to see CMM being very sexy.
7. 1/19 My Bloody Valentine - This was actually way better than I expected it to be. Mind you, I freaking hate 3D things because I don't approve of things flying in my face, so I was terrified to see this. Anyways, I actually thought it was pretty good, for what it was. The ending was tricky, and we were all sitting there wondering who the hell it was because they kept tricking us -shakes fist-. Also, Tom Dean was very sexy in it [his name is Dean, okay? None of this "Tom" nonsense]. And the 3D parts were pretty well done, considering what sort of movie it was [I enjoyed pieces of some guy's jaw flying into my face]. So yeah, go see it, if you enjoy a good horror/slasher flick.
8. 1/19 Gran Torino - This has to be the most random movie to see after My Bloody Valentine, XD. But no, it was really good. We mostly went to see it for Clint Eastwood's finger gun [which was lovely]. We were not disappointed. Quite a good movie, and touching and all. Clint Eastwood's reportoire of racial slurs was also highly entertaining. And the ending was tear-worthy [especially with Clint Eastwood freaking singing about the Gran Torino -sniffle-]. I highly recommend it <3.
9. ? Wicker Park - I completely forgot I'd watched this movie! I'm so stupid. Anyways, it was pretty cool. Sad and all, but I liked the ending. Might've made me cry if I'd been paying more attention. I was doing laundry when I watched it, so I definitely need to rewatch it again so I can catch everything.
10. 1/21 Day After Tomorrow - I'd actually seen this before, but I didn't remember any of it, so I'm counting it. I actually liked this movie, I don't care if everyone was like "OMG SO IMPOSSIBLE". Suspend yo' disbelief, fools. Also, Jake Gyllenhall was hot. We especially enjoyed him running around in a big jacket with a scarf wrapped around his head, which made him look like an old peasant woman of sorts. But seriously, this movie scared the hell out of me. YOU CAN'T FIGHT WEATHER
11. 2/13 Revolutionary Road - I have a feeling I'd like this more if I was older and had experienced marriage and all that rot. As it was, it was still a very good movie. Very dramatic, and sad and all. This one's going on my list of things to watch once I have more life experiences, XD.
12. 2/25 Help! - Awww, The Beatles are adorable =D. Highly amusing, I enjoyed Ringo being the focus. Poor Ringo, nobody likes him, XD <3.
13. 2/27 The Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience - You know what? Screw you all, I loved this movie. I freaking adore the Jonas Brothers, and it was really fun to go to the movies, scream my head off, and sing along with Callie and Nikki. Also, Joe took off his shirt. Automatic A+. And it was really cute and I freaking loved this movie.
14. 2/27 SLC Punk! - Adrian and Callie and I randomly decided to watch this; I'd only seen clips before. I really liked the film's message, and Matthew Lillard being lovely, and it was really funny. Not too long, either, I'd definitely watch it again. But not with my mom.
15. 3/20 Watchmen - I was totally expecting to just be "eh" about this movie, but it was very surprising! I thought it was really great, actually. So violent X.X. And that sex scene was a little excessive. I loved the opening credits, though.
16. ? Marley and Me - Well this was the saddest movie I've ever seen. Callie and I watched it on the flight to Massachusetts and we were both sobbing at the end. I'm a sucker for animal movies.
17. Final Destination 3 - Who could ask for anything better than little plot and horrible, gruesome, bloody, unnecessarily gory deaths? Awesoooome.
18. ? The Boy in the Striped Pajamas - Excellent, really. Quite sad, of course [I mean... it IS about concentration camps], but I highly recommend it. If you're into those sorts of movies, and won't mind, you know, feeling like dying afterwards.
19. 5/15 The Haunting of Molly Hartley - This was the worst movie of my life, XD. It was so randomly pointless, and they played the scary music when like, nothing was happening. The actress' face NEVER changed, and it was just... retarded. After it was over I was just sort of like "Okay... now what?". Please never watch this movie.
20. 5/16 Star Trek - Hey, everyone, Captain Kirk was hot. Just sayin'. Nah, but really, this movie was a lot of fun to watch. AND LEONARD NIMOY WAS IN IT! Except he looked like the guy playing Spock's dad and that was just confusing. And the beginning was very emotionally moving. I also loved Random!Winona Ryder. Did I mention Captain Kirk is hot?
21. 5/16 Knowing - This movie tried to be an action-thriller-horror-sci-fi blend, and it was just awful. It had some creepy moments, but it was just... yeah. Really terrible. Oh, Nicolas Cage, how I love thee.
22. 5/22 What's Eating Gilbert Grape? - Ohh, I've been wanting to see this movie for ages, and finally got around to it. It was wonderful, really. The ending was sad, but still... hopeful, you know? I really loved it.
23. 5/22 White Oleander - I just finished reading the book a few days before I watched it, and I really loved what the movie did with it. I know they left a lot out, but it was still a good movie; exact adaptations aren't really fun anyways. The casting was simply perfect, and I almost cried at the end <3.
24. 5/24 Breakfast at Tiffany's - I'd seen bits and pieces of this before because it's one of my sister's favorite movies, but never the entire thing all the way through. It was so cute =O. And I totally cried at the end, -is a loser-. I'm sorry it took me this long to see it!
25. ? Fido - Aw, this was cute. I saw icons from it somewhere and decided I had to see it. It's set in a 1950s-esque world, where a zombie apocalypse has taken place and people use controlled zombies as like servants. Sort of a black comedy. I found it rather hilarious, and the ending was cute. Definitely recommend it!
26. 5/? The Majestic - This may be one of my new favorite movies =O. I can't tell though, because I always think that about movies I've just watched. I just loved the whole concept, and I love Jim Carrey, especially in his more serious movies. It made me cry at the end!
27. 5/? A Scanner Darkly - This was really good, too; I really the animation and the concept. The only part I had a problem with was the bugs in the beginning, oh my God. That scene went on for entirely too long and had me feeling like there were bugs all over me, too. Ick! But I liked it a lot, definitely want to rewatch it.
28. 6/1 Angels and Demons - Okay, so I haven't actually seen The Da Vinci Code. Or read the books. But I still found this movie very entertaining. Even if people were burning alive quite frequently, which, quite frankly, freaked me out, XD. It was way exciting, and all twist-y and stuff, so at the end I was just like "WOAH" and I had to catch my breath.
29. 6/6 Gia - How sad D=. I'd seen bits and pieces of this, but I watched it all the way through and actually paid attention this time. It was really great; I like how they put it together. And the soundtrack was great.
30. 6/7 Psycho 2 - Oh my God. Callie and I watched this because she'd seen part of it before and thought it was hilarious, and it so was. Priceless, man, priceless. It was wonderfully predictable and took itself entirely too seriously - Callie's dad thought we were having a Seinfeld marathon because we were laughing so much, XD.
31. 6/10 The Brothers Bloom - Excellent! I was really excited to see this movie because I love Adrien Brody with a passion, AND it's by the guy who did Brick! It was really great, and sad and funny and all of that at the same time. Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also in there for like, two seconds [literally], and HAGRID =O. But anyways, definitely GO SEE IT!
32. 6/11 A Very Long Engagement - This movie was wonderful <3. I really liked the interconnectedness of all the stories, how they came together, etc. And Audrey Tatou is adorable, she's like a little... deer. Gaspard Ulliel was also ridiculously cute in this movie. And I loved the ending. Definitely recommend it =).
33. 6/12 Up - Ummm, I dunno. I guess this movie was okay. People always seem to pee all over themselves over Pixar movies, but I feel like they've fallen short lately. Maybe I'm just picky [my favorite Pixar ones are like, Toy Story, The Incredibles, and Monsters, Inc.]. Everyone loved this movie, though, so I guess I'm in the minority. I didn't think it was bad, but just alright. I really liked the beginning, and all the like, sad-romantic scenes with the guy's wife. And I liked the dog. But it just really didn't do much for me.
34. 6/18 Roman Holiday - I really wanted to like this movie, and honestly, it did look very good! But the ending was so unsatisfying. Where was the big romantic finish? The ridiculously corny kiss? I wanted a cheesy ending, dammit!
35. 6/19 Sabrina - Now THIS is what I was looking for. A great sweeping romantic ending, and making me tear up, and all that good rot.
36. 7/1 The Hangover - Oh my God, this movie was HILARIOUS! I was dying of laughter in the theater. I honestly wasn't expecting much, but this movie was excellent. I'm not really a big fan of comedy movies, and think the premises for most of the crap that comes out these days is really stupid, but wow. This movie didn't disappoint.
37. 7/5 Duel in the Sun - EPIC. An movie from the '40s starring Jennifer Jones and Gregory Peck. Jennifer Jones played some tart who couldn't make up her mind between two brothers. Gregory Peck was devilishly handsome and was basically a huge jerk, haha. But the ending was really intense, and well, epic. Pretty neat stuff.
38. 7/6 National Treasure - How fun! I like movies like this [Indiana Jones, The Mummy, etc.], where there's some quest to do/find something involving ridiculous clues that the protagonist somehow knows all about. I felt really stupid, not just because all the random info thrown at me, but because I was getting all into it and everyone I was talking to while watching had already seen it, XD. I was a little behind the times. But it was really good ,and I was all happy at the end =D! And Riley is cute <3.
39. 7/6 Frost/Nixon - Agh, this movie was saaaad D=. I rather enjoyed Michael Sheen's facial expressions, though. He's a cutie ;D. It was really intense and dramatic, especially at the end. I was really sad when Nixon went and pet that lady's dog after getting wtf!owned in the interview thing, though. He was a sad old maaaan ;_;. Excellent movie, though.
40. 7/7 Changeling - And on that depressing note, here's something that made it worse! Really, quite terribly depressing. But it was rather interesting to learn about the murder cases and all; I hadn't heard of them before. And I ESPECIALLY didn't know it was modern-day Mira Loma, lololol. Oh, the wonderful things you learn about nearby cities. Overall, I liked this movie, but it's not exactly the sort of movie you'd watch over and over again.
41. 7/10 Bruno - Now, what I don't understand is, a lot of people went into this and came out and were like 'THAT WAS SO EXTREME, OH MY GOD, WHAT A WASTE OF TIME, STUPID". I don't get that at all. You KNEW what Borat was like, this one was only bound to be worse. Stupidity of viewers aside, I thought it was pretty funny. My favorite part was when they went by the Westboro Church protestors, XD. Lovely. I did find it to be really similar to Borat, though, so it wasn't anything spectacular and new.
42. 7/10 Public Enemies - This was alright. Pretty dramatic, so it was hard to take seriously after Bruno. We also found random things to laugh about, so we kept getting dirty looks during serious scenes. It jumped around a lot, and I didn't really get connected to any of the characters. Entertaining, but nothing special.
43. 7/15 Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince - Awww, I  really loved this movie. I know a lot of people had problems with it because apparently it left out the most important stuff EVAR and the entire plot has, according to them, been RUINED, but I just think they're dumb. Anything they changed I can easily think of eight different scenarios they could do to match everything up with the main plot in the next one. I thought this one was practically flawless. It flowed very well, and was a good mix of comedy and drama. I really liked how they did everything, I'm excited for the next two =).
44. 7/24 Orphan - We went to see this on a lark, and first off, the lady freaking analyzed our IDs for eight hundred years before letting us buy tickets, XD. Yeah, I'm really going to get a fake ID just to go see R rated movies. Anyways, we found this movie utterly hilarious. It was an alright movie, I guess. No, it was actually pretty horrible, but if you want to have a good laugh, I heartily recommend it!
45. 7/25 Hollywoodland - Aw, this movie was good. I do so love Adrien Brody, and I'd been wanting to see it for ages. At the end I was like "WTF?" until I realized they couldn't really give it a solid ending, as they don't know what actually happened, XD. So there was that. But it was still very intriguing nonetheless!
46. 7/26 Life as a House - Quite touching, actually. Hayden Christensen was really hot stupid, though, XD. Honestly, getting high with anything is kind of stupid, but inhalants are lame, haha. And he was also a spoiled brat. But I did like the movie, and how it turned out at the end and such. Also, they played Radiohead at one point ,so it automatically gets a good rating =P.
47. 8/15 District 9 - I really loved this movie <3. I wasn't expecting to like it that much, but it was really good. I thought it was going to be more about civil rights and all, but even with the direction it went, it was great. Very emotional, surprisingly. Also, I really enjoyed "Cuuuut some caaaaaake!".
48. 8/15 Defiance - Also a good movie. I just watched it randomly with my dad, but the acting was really solid in it and all. And it was an incredibly story, really.
49. 8/18 500 Days of Summer - This movie may have been the most overrated movie since Juno, damn. Seriously, guys. NOT THAT AWESOME. I thought it was just alright. The one scene that I really, really liked was when Regina Spektor's "Hero" played and the scene turned into like, a drawing. That was neat. Other than that, it fell a bit flat. And also seemed like one big satirical comment on everything bad about hipsters, except I don't think they were doing it on purpose, so yeeeah. The saving grace was that I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt, so yay. They should've gotten someone else for Summer. I think Zooey Deschanel is really pretty, but she can't act very well.
50. 8/18 The Time Traveler's Wife - On the other hand, I loved this movie. I liked the book a great deal more, but I think they put it together very well and explained everything pretty thoroughly. I did like the ending a lot more in the book, because they changed it, so the movie didn't make me cry.
51. 8/21 Ponyo - And this was really cute =). Very simple and such, but I liked it a lot. And it had a happy ending ^^.
52. 8/22 Jeepers Creepers 2 - My dad loves these movies -facepalm-. I thought it was alright, but the first one was probably better. It was still creepy, though.
53. 8/23 I Love You, Man - Oh my goodness, this movie was hilarious, XD. My sister had been rambling about it for ages and finally forced me to watch. I loved it, I really want to watch it again.
54. 8/24 Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle - HELL YEAH THEY DO. Hilarity. I love Neil Patrick Harris, damn, XD. Also, it makes me sad that Callie and I make decisions like they do, except we're not stoned. Nice.
55. ? Taken - My dad made me watch this I think with the intention of scaring me before leaving for college, XD. He kept pointing things out to me like it was an educational video. But I did really like it a lot. I love Liam Neeson, he's wondrous.
56. ? The Final Destination - AWESOME. Honestly, who goes into this expecting a good movie? Nobody goes for the plot, you go for the horrible, gory deaths. I liked the opening credits and how it was like, the deaths of people in the other movies. I thought that was neat. I think the worst death in this one was the guy in the pool. Ugghhh. Out of all of these movies, I think the second one was probably the best.
57. ? Inglourious Basterds - I loved this movie =). It was really well put-together, and I love Quentin Tarentino, so yay. Also, our whole group was pretty much in love with the fabulous Nazi man. He was wonderful.
58. ? 300 - WHY THE HELL DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS MOVIE?! IT WAS SO STUPID. It took itself way too seriously. If I wanted to watch a movie like that, I'd watch Gladiator, which actually had  a well put-together story and was ten times better that this shite.
59. Zombieland
60. 2012
61. Where the Wild Things Are
62. New Moon
63. Blacula
64. A Tale of Two Sisters
65. The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes
66. The Green Mile
67. East of Eden
68. 24 Hour Party People
69. The Triplets of Belleville
70. Paranormal Activity
70. The Spirit
71. Eyes Without a Face
72. Repo! The Genetic Opera
73. Tristan + Isolde
74. Blood Diamond
75. Death at a Funeral
76. Monster
77. Vanity Fair
78. Hellraiser
79. The Queen
80. The Women
81. Little Women
82. Saw
83. A Woman in Berlin
84. Sunshine Cleaning
85. Love, Actually
86. Sherlock Holmes
87. Just Friends

1. 1/10 City of Bones, by Cassandra Clare - I can't decide if I liked this book or not, XD. It was pretty fun to read, definitely if you're looking for something light. Standard plot, girl finds out she's more than human, there's more to this world, evil dark lord trying to take over, etc., etc. Anyways, I don't know if I'll ever make up my mind about this book, XD. I think I should read it again.
2. 1/20 No Exit, by Jean-Paul Sarte - I rather enjoyed this play; I had to read a play for AP Lit and the other one I was going to do was missing its last page. Luckily, I also checked this one out! It was really short X.X. But I really loved it. I think I'm going to have to read it another time to catch more things. Regardless, excellent indeed. It was... maddening, sort of, the people in hell being driven crazy by the others. Good stuff, except I feel like I haven't finished it because of how short it was, XD.
3. 2/9 Frankenstein, by Mary Shelley - This book was really boring, XD. I expected it to be a lot more exciting... I think the best part was the Monster's story, but it was really mostly a drag. Glad I read it and all just so I can say I have... and warn people not to. I'm going to stick to Dracula, I think.
4. 2/2 What My Mother Doesn't Know, by Sonya Sones - I had to read this for Inked, but it was cute. Typical teen drama affair, this girl trying to get a boyfriend, etc. It was a really quick read. Not the best, but still cute and nice when I needed a break from Heart of Darkness.
5. 2/3 The Possibilities of Sainthood, by Donna Freitas - Another typical teen book, but it was really funny and cute. It was about this chick who's trying to get her first kiss, and trying to become the world's first living saint. She was a good narrator, and it was quite fun to read.
6. 2/4 Heart of Darkness, by Joseph Conrad - Really good, excellent. It was a bit difficult to read, granted, especially for being so short. But I really liked the message/moral whatever, and Marlow was a great narrator, probably because he was very human and relatable. My only thing about this book is that we basically read it in class, so it just has bad memories attached to it because half of the people in my English class are ridiculously annoying.
7. ? The Importance of Being Earnest, by Oscar Wilde - I actually read this over a year ago when I had my weekend of just reading Oscar Wilde. But if you do that, all the plays start to blur together and I remembered nothing about this anyways. So, we read this for English, and it was quite delightful. Bit of a break after Heart of Darkness, yeah?
8. ? The Things They Carried, by Thomas O'Brien - This was a really good book; I really liked his whole take on storytelling and the value of truth and whatnot. Also, one of the stories was waaaaay creepy. Way to scare the hell out of me, O'Brien.
9. 5/19 White Oleander, by Janet Fitch - Wow. This book was ridiculously amazing. I read it in two days; I started reading it randomly and before I knew it, three hundred pages had gone by and I hadn't put it down once. Excellent, excellent book.
10.? The Skin of Our Teeth, by Thorton Wilder - Well, this was an alright play. I mean, pretty good, funny at times, etc., etc. Not my favorite or anything, but a jolly good satire nonetheless.
11.? Middlesex, by Jeffrey Eugenides - This book, on the other hand, was excellent. I'd tried reading it before and gave up, but man, I'm glad I gave it another try. I really liked the cross-generational history and how it all came together, and the way it was written, and just everything. Much better than The Virgin Suicides, in my opinion, but that may have been because I saw the TVS movie first and it was pretty much the exact same thing as the book, lol.
12. 6/6 The Reader, by Bernhard Schlink - Normally I do prefer the book to the movie, but this was such an outstanding example. Don't get me wrong, I thought the movie was good, but the book was infinitely better, and I'm glad I read it because it left me with a much better impression of the entire story. I really felt like the movie failed to capture a lot of the important little things that the book explains. So I definitely recommend the book!
13. 6/12 Black Rabbit Summer, by Kevin Brooks - Really excellent mystery. It was creepy, and kept my interest - I finished it in like, two days? It was really intense at times, I was getting all into it. I need to read more Kevin Brooks books!
14. 6/14 Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil - Ohh, this book was really great. I loved all the different characters and how they all added something to the story, and then the descriptions of the culture and history and society of Savannah was very well done. And even better, I had actually never heard of the whole Jim Williams case before reading it, so I didn't know anything about the trial, and thus was allowed to get all involved in it. Excellent read, but it was be a bit slow at times [beware if you don't like a lot of description]. And I usually find these types of books REALLY boring, so that's a testament as to how good it is. I want to see the movie now =O.
15. 6/15 The Dead and the Gone, by Susan Pfeffer - Omg this book scared the crap out of me, XD. It was a companion novel to Life as We Knew It, which is basically the story of how this girl survives after this huge catastrophe. This one was set in NYC, so it was pretty freaky. I love books with big, world-changing catastrophes, though.
16. 6/20 East of Eden, by John Steinbeck - Goodness. I feel the need to re-read this immediately. I was wary of this book because I wasn't a big Steinbeck fan before. He was alright, just a little boring. But this book... wow. It completely WAY exceeded my expectations. It was amazing and made me think so much and I teared up at the end. And DAMN, what an ending! Couldn't think of a better way to end it. Instant favorite.
17. ? A Certain Slant of Light, by Laura Whitcomb - I really loved this book. It was basically about a ghost who's stuck here for some reason, and she's attached herself to various people over the years in order to "survive". Then she suddenly meets another ghost and has a chance to live through someone else. It was a rather interesting take on the afterlife and such. I especially loved how they got to possess, so to say, different people, whose souls were basically gone for different reasons [drugs, abuse, eating disorders], and they were basically just empty shells of people. I don't know, I loved how it was written, and I'd definitely recommend it.
18. ? The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Vol. 1: The Pox Party, by M. T. Anderson -
19. ? The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing,Traitor to the Nation, Vol. 2: The Kingdom on the Waves, by M. T. Anderson - These books just sort of run together, so I'm only going to write one summary. They were set during the American Revolution, and followed Octavian, who was basically a slave, except he was owned as a science experiment of sorts in order to determine the intelligence levels and learn capabilities of blacks. It was an interesting concept, and brought up several insightful points on liberty and such. However, they dragged on HORRIBLY. Some parts were really exciting, but I found myself getting bored and skimming after pages and pages of repetitive description. Overall, I really liked them, I just probably wouldn't read them again.
21.7/11 Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card - My sister's been telling me to read this for like, seven years, and I finally broke down and started it yesterday - it was SUCH a good book. I read the introduction afterwards, and I really liked the author's idea of the book being different to everyone - telling a different story to all the people who read it and see themselves as different aspects of Ender's character. I'm quite certain many people on my f-list would love it. Card has a gift for describing feelings and viewpoints that appeal to a lot of people, but can also be very specific depending on who is reading it. I loved this book =).
22. 7/11 Underworld, by Catherine MacPhail - And this was just a fun little YA book - basically a bunch of kids who hate each other get trapped in some caves and have to find their way out. It was really creepy, and I liked how it was told from the viewpoint of all of the main characters, so you got to see things as they saw them. It was a quick read, but enjoyable fluff nonetheless!
23. 7/18 Wake, by Lisa McMann - YA book about a girl who, for some odd reason, randomly gets sucked into people's dreams whenever they go to sleep around her. It was really interesting, a definite page-turner. Good characters, too, I liked their stories and all. I'm looking forward to reading the sequel - if I can get my hands on it!
24. ? Fade, by Lisa McMann - A very good sequel, I'm glad I got to read it. It seemed basically more of the same, her helping solve a big crime and everything, but it worked. I think the concept might get a little old if they use it for every sequel, but some more interesting explanations and such were given for things, so that was good.
25. ? The Time Traveler's Wife, by Audrey Niffeneger - WHY WAS THIS BOOK SO SAD -sobs-. The ending made me sob like a little girl. It was really, really good though, I definitely recommend it to everyone. Just be prepared to be filled with woe at the end. It actually wasn't that sad, it's like how the ending of The Notebook was technically happy but still makes everyone cry. It's that kind of ending.
26. ? The Shining, by Stephen King - SCARY AS HELL. AGH. Stephen King is so good at creeping the hell out of people, damn. I'd be sitting there reading sometimes and get allll scared. It was really like... it's like in Pan's Labyrinth, when that thing with eyes in its hands is coming after Ofelia, and you're sitting there the whole time hardly breathing and tensing everything because you're SO SCARED about it getting closer. It's exactly like that.
27. 8/30 Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac, by Gabrielle Zevin - I read this on the plane on the way to Smith, and it was a really great book. I like Zevin's writing style a lot - she wrote Elsewhere, another book I love. This one is about a girl who hits her head and loses her memory and has to basically find out who she is and everything all over again. I enjoyed it <3.
28. Beloved, by Toni Morrison
29. Angelina, by Arthur Phillips
30. Ghost, by Alan Lightman
31. Neverwhere, by Neil Gaiman
32. Whores on the Hill, by Coleen Curran
Kirsten Dunst
4th-Jul-2009 08:27 pm (UTC)
If you don't mind, I'm going to add you as a friend. I really enjoyed reading your list of books and have read some myself, and will read some that you've read and suggested in the future, like The Reader. haha. I feel like that sentence contained a lot of the word "read."
5th-Jul-2009 05:48 am (UTC)
Haha, it did, but it's cool! I'm glad somebody has actually read it and I'm not just writing the mini-reviews for no reason =P.
5th-Aug-2009 04:03 pm (UTC)

I have to make one other comment. I love Life as a House. I thought it had a beautiful message. It's not for everyone and my boyfriend fell asleep while I tried to get him to watch it but it's absolutely one of my favorites. (P.S. I love reading this post. After finishing The Reader, I thought I would stop by and see what else I might read. haha. I'm currently reading High Tide in Tuscon by Barbara Kingsolver. I read her Poisonwood Bible and LOVED it, so I'm checking this one out.)
6th-Aug-2009 01:32 am (UTC)
I know, it's a great movie, I really liked it =).

Haha, aw, thanks. I haven't read Poisonwood Bible yet! I have it, and have had it for like, two years, but I haven't gotten around to reading it X.X.
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