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Now our lives are changing fast.
Hope that something pure can last.
Friends Only 
1st-Feb-2013 05:28 pm


This journal is Friends Only. Drop me a line if you wanna be mine.

I really, really, love that picture up there. It makes me happy.
There's a bit about me in my profile, so you ought to read that if you're interested in befriending me =P. As a bit of an addendum, I really love history and art. And maybe even art history. My favorite musician is Elliott Smith. I have several crushes on historical figures and characters from literature. My favorite color is green, but I also really like orange and yellow because they're such happy colors. I love amazing quotes from people, books, movies, whatever. I don't actually like much art made past World War II [this introduction wasn't pretentious enough]. I really love paranormal things! I share a birthday with Ralph Fiennes, which I think is pretty cool. I love photography [but not my own], and I think bat rays might be the prettiest animals. I love music dearly, but I hate musical elitists. I'm a movie junkie, though my first and most enduring love with always, always be reading.

My posts can be all over the place, as a warning. I rarely post more than once in a day.

Add me, I love new friends <3.

Kirsten Dunst
28th-Mar-2009 02:11 pm (UTC)
for this:
you can find the whole short story here :) it's from a book of short stories called "pieces of you" by tablo, english edition!
28th-Mar-2009 09:07 pm (UTC)
Thank you =D ♥ .
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