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Now our lives are changing fast.
Hope that something pure can last.
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23rd-Jun-2008 02:49 pm - You're standing on my neck...
So I found Daria episodes online...

Uh, pretty much set for the summer? I friggin' loved this show, man. Shame they can't put it on DVD. I love how you can totally tell it's set in the 1990s. Makes me think of the good ol' days.

Trent Lane was a fine animated man, my friends. A fine man indeed.

Summer's boring, etc., etc. Weather's hot, but it's only going to be in the 90s this week. Gee.
Kirsten Dunst
13th-Apr-2008 10:49 pm - Sea World!
This weekend was exciting. On Friday, I went and bought my prom dress, as you all very well know. Here is a picture of it, finally:

Isn't it lovely?

My dad picked me up, and then on Saturday, we all randomly decided to go to Seaworld. I took a ton of pictures, but he wouldn't let me bring the camera home to upload them. We saw the penguins , and I took the most terrifying shark picture of my life. I yelped when I saw it. We picked up starfish and all, saw sea lions and the dolphins, and all that jazz. Then we spent the night at a hotel in Old Town, and came back today. This time we saw the polar bears, baluga whales [which I HATE. They make me nervous], and Shamu and all. The Shamu show is so ridiculously epic, I had to try very hard not to laugh. We touched the bat rays, which are gorgeous. I mean, not in a conventional way, but they're so graceful and all. I would've spent a long time there but everyone wanted to move on. Funny story, last time I was there, my dad was lifting me to touch them, and he dunked my face in the tank accidentally. They're so lovely, though.

It was really fun, I loved it. And I have a season pass now. I want to go back just for the bat rays D=. That's the most random animal to love, I know. The great thing was that I didn't have much time to think about stuff, I could just sit back and look at the animals and all.

School tomorrow. I got my grades back: five A's and a C+ in math. Just shoot me. I really do not want to go to school, I'm feeling slightly ill and I'm very tired. This week is going to be so busy. I wanted to watch The Virgin Suicides tonight, but my sister took over the TV >:|. Sad.

I miss the bat rays.
Kirsten Dunst
11th-Apr-2008 06:24 pm - "History is a long time!"
So yesterday I was buying lunch behind this cute guy [he looked like a puppy], and he forgot his math book. I run it out to him and he proclaimed his undying love for me, XD. Sheesh, it was a math book. I would've been glad to lose it.

Nothing of much interest has happened, except I just bought my prom dress! My sister and I randomly decided to go to David's Bridal, thinking everything would be way too expensive. Surprisingly, the prices weren't that bad, so I got this killer dress, shoes, and a purse. The thing that sucks about being short [and skinny], is that it was hard to find a dress in my size, and I have to get it hemmed, which costs a lot. In a random coincidence, we ended up knowing the alterations manager, so she gave me some free alterations besides the hemming.

It's sooo pretty. I'm trying to get a picture up but the website is being lame, so yes. I'm so glad I found it =). Nikki said it makes me look tall.

Also bought prom tickets today. I love the fancy little envelopes and invitations they give. And I went to the dentist. Busy day today =). Going to my dad's later.

Really, I'm just so excited I have a dress. I get all happy over these things. I need to figure out how to do my hair =O.
Kirsten Dunst
23rd-Mar-2008 06:21 pm - "Her hair looks like a duster..."
Happy Easter! Or Sunday. Whichever =).

We got second to last in our competition, XD. Moving on up? I don't think anyone really expected us to be amazing, you know? Winterguard sucks anyways -anxiously awaits field season-.

Today, we went to church in the morning. It's probably really horrible of me to say, but the worship team was really, really hot. Ridiculously hot. All of them. And that's how MY Easter service was ;).

Afterwards, our whole family got together and we had a picnic at Red Hill Park, this huge park with a duck pond and everything. It was really nice all being together, we don't do that often. And I told my uncles that I wasn't going to Italy, so I guess that's official now. I took a million pictures, mostly of my various siblings, T'was fun, indeed.

So now I guess I should get started on my homework -sigh-. I'll put up pictures later.
Kirsten Dunst
Getting hit on makes makes me laugh.

Organizing all of my music is so satisfying.

We're watching Mona Lisa Smile in English [at least it's not DPS, Callie and I would get kicked out for laughing]. I love that movie; the birth control part was made hilarious by all the guys asking "What IS that??".

No school tomorrow, recruiting at the jr. high for colorguard. Thrilling.

I feel accomplished tonight.
Kirsten Dunst
I got my tooth pulled today. It bled a lot - is still bleeding, actually. I was laughing uncontrollably for a while afterwards [no reason, they didn't gas me or anything], but now I'm just annoyed. I can't get a bridge put in until I'm at least 18. It won't stop bleeding, and it's really irritating trying to eat [drink, rather] with only one side of my mouth, and I have to keep putting gauze over it. They gave me stitches, which terrified me. My regular dentist wasn't there, I got some other dude and lady who reminded me of the doctor in Requiem for a Dream. He was very good, but very impersonal and like... cold, I suppose.

I'm also not supposed to do any strenuous activity today or tomorrow. I have practice tomorrow =\. I usually feel a bit weak and tired anyways after a while at practice, but since I lost all that blood, I almost passed out while leaving the dentist and I feel all weak now. I'm going to try to practice, I guess, and just tell Yifan that I might need to sit down for a few minutes every now and then.

I'd forgotten how much I liked The Smashing Pumpkins. They were delightful, weren't they? Some guard did their show to "Disarm" on Saturday. It was cool =).

I started reading The Lovely Bones again, and I don't know why, but there have been about a million parts where I've almost cried. I don't even know, it didn't affect me nearly as much the first time I read it. Odd.
Kirsten Dunst
Happy Valentine's Day. I really don't like this holiday, not because I'm single or anything, I always found it dumb. But whatever. I got chocolate from Callie, and lollipop thingee from Nikki, some candy hearts from Peter [who brought the whole guard some, aww], and a cookie from Julia, this girl in my Anatomy class. That one shocked me because I barely know her and hardly ever talk to her. It made me sad.

So that math test I utterly failed got a few points added to my score when we went over it today, so that brought it up to a nice C. Wooow. Didn't do much in history, but we talked about FFX. I never finished playing that game [I gave up on Seymour, the fight where he can turn you into STONE WTF]. That game made me so mad. Anyways, it made me want to play Tales of the Abyss. I could've beaten that game oh, more than a year ago, but I was in the middle of playing, and then Bryce broke up with me and I didn't want to play it 'cos it made me sad, but then I got over that and my PS2 broke. But now it's fixed! I don't know, I shall have to wait for my mom to leave, she hates when I play videogames.

We gave Mothra E. a Hershey's bar - we left it where he eats lunch. He's so scaaaary. I wonder if he ate it.

It was freezing today. I wore a shirt with John Cusack from Say Anything holding up the radio [such a cute movie], but nobody got the reference. Saaad.

I shall make a cake later tonight. I have a lot of history homework, but I think I'm going to watch Brokeback Mountain after Supernatural is over. Or Romeo + Juliet, or some other movie like that. I mean, it IS Valentine's and all, and I'll be damned if I don't watch a love story.

My favorite love song is The Luckiest, by Ben Folds:
Next door
There's an old man
Who lived to his nineties
And one day
Passed away
In his sleep
And his wife, she stayed
For a couple of days
And passed away

That's only part of it, but it's a beautiful song. If anyone ever sang it to me, I swear I'd die.
Kirsten Dunst
As it's National Pancake Day, I went to IHOP [and after this whole iGeneration deal, I really wanted to spell that iHop] with my mom, my sisters, and Angelina's friend, Alex. We all got free pancakes, and some side orders, drinks, etc. It was delicious.

I was supposed to have a dentist appointment today but it got canceled. I was sort of mad, because I had a pass to leave at 1:15 and my mom called and told them that I didn't need it anymore. I wanted to get out of Spanish. Oh, and it's become ridiculously hot again - it's supposed to be 85 tomorrow. Bleeeh. This means I have to start shaving again, XD.

School was alright. We all got lectured in guard because of people not really caring. And in English, we're spending a unit looking at ads and how the public is manipulated. I was excited because I thought we'd be  examining symbols and stuff [we did this a lot with ads at Scripps], but it's mostly the same symbols and the same things are presented in most of then [women are stereotyped or objectified, sex is used to sell products, and occasionally there will be racism]. I'm also not too happy because we're going to be writing argumentative essays ["I" essays], which I don't prefer.

Callie and I are going to attempt to read/study The Sound and the Fury. Oh, William Faulkner, how you love to confuse your readers.

I was sort of sad a few minutes ago because I realized I don't remember much from 1st grade. I was home schooled, then I went to public school for a month because my mom had to work. I was friends with these twins, and I remember lying once to a teacher. I also got in a fight with some blonde chick named Stacey. Then I went to First Baptist because the public school was lame, and I don't remember the name of my best friend... I just remember she wore vampire teeth when I met her. And I remember that the gym was really big, and these two kids, Kian and Ryan, who were always together and who were very good friends of mine, and one of them had a sensitive nose and if you so much as tapped his nose, it would start bleeding like mad. And I remember being a penguin in a play.

It's odd, I barely remember my teacher. I think her name was... Mrs. Bashem. She scared me, and said my handwriting was lazy and I think it rained a lot that year. After that, the school closed down and I went to Echos until high school. How strange. I barely remember that grade, but today I got a strange longing to hang out with the girl whose name I don't remember, and with Ryan and Kian, and then I wondered what high schools they go to now and what type of person they are and if I'd be friends with them now. Weird.

I get this thing where I remember random people from the past, like the blonde boy who kissed me at Knott's Berry Farm when I was six, or these people I knew for only a short time in 1st grade. And I think about my past best friends and wonder if they still think of me and wonder what I'm doing, and if I'll ever see them again and what sort of person they are now, and if I'd recognize them on the street.

**EDIT** Does anyone have any suggestions for some good monologues for theatre? I need two contrasting monologues, 3-5 minutes, one has to be classical [before 1920]. I was thinking of maybe an Oscar Wilde one for my classical, but he has both comedic and dramatic. Oh, the possibilities. So, yes, suggestions?
Kirsten Dunst
Nothing of much interest happened in my classes. I finally presented my book report. I hate doing stuff like that... I'm pretty sure I freaked. I was staring at the empty desk in front of my the whole time and managed to stutter my way through the report. Fwah. I'm really glad I don't have a very bad stuttering problem. It's still noticeable, though. Or maybe it's one of those things I notice and nobody else really cares about.

Callie and I are trying to figure out a way to get Obama pins. We want to heeeelp. Oh, but we were checking out all the candidates' merchandise, and Clinton has some cute stuff. I personally liked the "Out for Hillary" pin. Huckabee had the cutest shirt, and McCain by far had the most boring stuff. But we like Obama, and we want him to win, so we're trying to figure out a way to buy stuff. There's not a HQ near us, and our ultra-Republican parents would probably rather die than take us to one, or let us use their credit cards to buy stuff online. Oh, but I'm still holding out for an Obama HAND FAN. What fun.

After school, I watched The Emperor's Club with Callie at my house. It was... oh my God. We originally got it because it looked like SUCH a Dead Poets Society rip-off. And it was, in the beginning, the scenes were almost exactly the same. But aside from that, it was more teacher-oriented, not focused on the students. As a result, and since it spanned a wide range of years, I didn't really feel connected to the characters. I mean, I guess the whole moral thing was decent, but I didn't really feel like Kevin Kline's character really developed much. I just really preferred DPS, hands down. Emperor's Club made us sort of mad - we didn't really see the point. I don't really want to spoil it [God knows WHY you'd want to watch it] but, well, we got the point, it was just... it didn't make me care. I don't think it made Callie care either. Not a bad movie, but certainly not one I'd recommend.

Oh, and apparently, the book they rip up in DPS is based almost word-for-word on the very book McAdams got all our poetry unit stuff out of. I died when I found out, XD.

I had an idea for a poem [for my own personal writing, not for English], but I forgot what it was. I really should write these things down when I think of them.

Callie's party is tomorrow! Hopefully it's lovely.
Dead Poets Society (Love)
5th-Feb-2008 09:49 pm - "I don't want a RAT tattoo!"
CAHSEE testing today. This meant I got to skip first period and go to the auditorium with Callie, who also had a free first period. They were playing Ratatoullie [sp?], which was sort of cute but it made me dizzy and I don't like the idea of a rat cooking, XD. But it made me want a pet rat again. I miss my rats D=. I want another one.

I think the best part of my day was that half my Spanish class was gone, so Diaz let us go "to the auditorium". The gates were open, so I just came home, made some garlic bread with olive oil, and read Life as we Knew it. It's about the moon coming closer to Earth, screwing things up, and this girl documenting their struggle to survive. I've read it before, but we're reading it for Inked. It's a really scary book, and it almost made me cry at several points [the end did make me cry]. I watched Dead Poets Society last night because I didn't have any homework. It made me cry, of course, the parts where I wasn't laughing hysterically [Callie and I ruined that movie]. Sometimes I hate how much fictional things upset me, when I don't really express my emotions over real-life things all too well.

My mom locked the computer so I would clean my room. In order to procrastinate, I did my homework instead. I watched some of the election coverage [I want Obama to win the nomination], and finally cleaned my room. My mom should lock the computer more often.

Going to get coffee tomorrow with Callie and Hannah =). I wish CAHSEE testing happened every week.

I want to watch a movie again, but I don't know which one. I found Big Fish, but I'm not sure I want to watch that tonight... Tonight seems like another long night of thinking. Which I don't really want. Mostly I really just want to stop being so... I want to stop feeling like I need to try so hard. I guess that's the fault that's bothering me most right now. I also want to paint, but again there's that thing where I get halfway through and destroy it because it sucks. I have to write a poem for English and I'm going to die.

Oh yeah, someone threw a carton of milk at us today. I don't know why. It got all over our stuff. Hannah got the worst of it, but my stuff got some on it, too. I hate milk so much. I really don't think people understand. I almost threw up, it was on my bag and then I happened to see the spilled mess all over the floor. Callie said it was rotten milk, but as I can't smell regular milk without throwing up, I didn't think it wise to try smelling spoiled milk. I think I was annoying people, and I think they thought I was being overdramatic. I really wasn't. Milk makes me so sick and it's not even that I'm lactose-intolerant or anything. It just disgusts me so, so much.

I just spent a paragraph rambling about milk. What a freak.

I'm watching the election stuff every so often, and my sister keeps turning on CNN, and I've decided it needs more

Anderson Cooper. Because he's a sexy old guy. They show him for like, a minute at a time, and it makes me sad.
Kirsten Dunst
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