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Now our lives are changing fast.

Hope that something pure can last.

Veronica Rose
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"He died in a tree from which he wouldn't come down. 'Come down!' they cried to him. 'Come down! Come down!' Silence filled the night, and the night filled the silence, while they waited for Kafka to speak. 'I can't,' he finally said, with a note of wistfulness. 'Why?' they cried. Stars spilled across the black sky. 'Because then you'll stop asking for me.'"

{The History of Love}

yours truly

My name's Veronica. I'm 21, and I go to Smith College. As a Californian, I miss my home state terribly and kind of think Massachusetts is awful, but I do love Smith. I love love love art, museums, reading, and history. I love observing people. I'm constantly listening to music. I love various historical figures [ask me about that]. I devour books. I don't say anything if I've nothing to say. I do like getting new friends, though ♥ . Ask me what you want to know.

Elliott Smith saved my life.

R.I.P. 8/6/69 - 10/21/03

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